January 12, 2012

Mechanical Pencil with Bamboo overlay

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I found these really thin mechanical pencils. They work well enough but are too slim to be comfortable for extended use. I got a few thinking I’ll see if I can do an overlay for them.

This is my experimental effort with the shortest of the three I got. The overlay is Bamboo shaped with a knife. The carving is done with a Dremel tool. I wasn’t sure how easy or hard carving in Bamboo would be (its pretty hard to control well!) and how the various cutters would react to the material.

Mechanical Pencil with Bamboo Overlay

Lounging in the sun!!!

January 11, 2012

Three more holders…

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 Here are three more holders I made some time ago. Two of these went to friends. I’m glad to have received positive feedback on both so I guess these work for other people too :-)


This one is my favorite. I like how the fairly complex pattern evolved. This went to a friend and mentor who is an accomplished Calligrapher. It worked well and the balance and feel are reportedly good enough to allow nib manipulation required for some complex strokes.  


Here are few more pictures of the holder.


Here’ s another one that went to a friend. This was also well appreciated.


This last one is for my use. I wanted to have a simpler design for this one – not crazy about the end of it but I like to use it.


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