February 19, 2012

The prayer of St. Francis

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This was done for a penmanship contest to promote the San Francisco Pen Show. My entry won a wonderful Namiki Falcon with a special Oblique Italic nib with added Flex that was very kindly offered by Mr. John Mottishaw of

The innermost ‘Lord’ and the outer circle of virtues is written in German Gothic script in Pelikan Brilliant Brown. The ‘Make me an instrument…’ circle is written with Higgins Eternal Black in Uncial script. The two rings in lighter color in between are written with Walnut Ink available in crystal form in vertical Italic and Uncial scripts. The panels are shaded with soft colored pencils.

Here is the entry:

The prayer of St. Francis

April 17, 2011

Italic nib in Dollar 717i Demonstrator

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I have been meaning to share this for some time but didn’t get around to it until now.

I really like the Dollar 717i Demonstrators. They are cheap piston filled pens that are quite reliable and hold a lot of ink. The cheap Inoxcrom pens that are commonly available have the perfect donor nibs for the Dollar as they are a perfect fit in the section and are long enough to be ground quite a bit and still have enough left over ahead of the feed.

The ink channel in the feed can be deepened/expanded a bit for better ink flow. I do it only if I have the nib drying out during use, most of the pens work fine without having to do this.

I use the same method for grinding left-oblique nibs I use for practicing Arabic Calligraphy.

I have laid out the steps in a handy pdf in the hope that it will prove to be useful. Click on the image below to download the pdf.

Italic Nib in Dollar 717i Demonstrator

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